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Across Western New York there are many bodies of water, ranging from the Niagara and Buffalo Rivers to Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and everything in between. Along these bodies of water sit countless waterfront properties. Having your own waterfront access opens up a whole new way for you to explore the beauty of our area from your own watercraft, but in order to take advantage of it, you’ll need a dependable, easy-to-install dock. Greater Lakes EZ Docks is your key to year-round, convenient access to Western New York’s creeks, rivers, lakes, and more.

Greater Lakes EZ Docks offers state-of-the-art aluminum and plastic docks, both of which perform better and longer in our water systems than standard wooden docks. We even carry boat launches, small and large crafts lifts, and other dock accessories to cater to your individual needs. Create your own mini marina at your own home with a residential EZ Dock system. We’ll even help you install your new system! Call today to learn more.

gangway and pwi launch
gangway connecting to dock float
dock with kayak launch and kayak
floating docks in water
Residential Projects New York
gangway and pwi launch smaller
gangway connecting to dock float smaller
dock with kayak launch and kayak smaller
floating docks in water smaller

EZ Dock Features
& Advantages

In addition to its incredible versatility and durability, one of the chief benefits of your EZ Dock system is your ability to leave it in the water all year round — eliminating the hassle of installing and removing your dock before and after each boating season.

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